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The Sacred Heart & St Margaret's is parish of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh a charity registered in Scotland number SC008540  

The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist


Sacrament of EucharistThe Eucharist is the sacrament in which we receive the Body and Blood of Christ. The Church teaches that Christ is really present in the bread and wine that have been consecrated by the priest at Mass. Although the bread and wine still look and taste like bread and wine, the substance, what is actually there, has changed.


The roots of the Eucharist are in the Jewish Passover meal. This is the meal which commemorates Israel's delivery from oppression and slavery in Egypt.


As Jesus celebrated the Passover at his last supper with the apostles, He blessed, broke and shared with them bread and wine, declaring that it was His body and blood. He promised that He would truly be with them when they did likewise and shared bread and wine together in memory of Him.


The Mass is the new Passover, with Jesus offering His own body and blood so that we, His present-day followers, might go free. For this reason, as well as being a sacred meal, the Eucharist is also a link with Jesus' death. When we participate in the Mass together with our fellow believers and receive Him in the Eucharist we take part in the Passover meal which He celebrates now, shedding His blood so that we may be saved.



First Holy Communion for Children and Religious Education Class


Preparation for First Holy Communion takes place at Sacred Heart Primary School and St Margaret's Primary School through the RE Curriculum.

There are a number of 'parent sessions' to help families participate in the preparation together.


Children normally receive their first Holy Communion during P4 grade. Our P4 grade religious education class prepares students for their first reception of Holy Communion.

Students who do not attend a Catholic school are required to attend the Religious Education Class. For other inquiries, please phone the Parish Assistant, Margaret Drummond at 01968 674 046.


Child should participate for at least one year in a religious education program approved by the parish prior to entrance into the program of immediate catechesis for the Sacrament.”  Basically, this means that a child must attend a religious education class (or a Catholic school) for a full school year before entering into a First Holy Communion.


If your child is further advanced than the second grade, but has not yet received Holy Communion, please phone the Parish Assistant, Margaret Drummond at 01968 674 046 to make arrangements, to enroll your child in the program.


First Holy Communion for Adults 


If you are a baptized Catholic adult who has not yet received Holy Communion, please phone Parish Priest at the parish office for more information about how you might begin to receive the Sacrament:  [ 01968 673 709 or use form below].


Holy Communion in the Home


Parishioners who are unable to participate at Mass due to illness may request regular home visits and reception of Holy Communion by calling the parish office at 01968 673 709 or use form below to make arrangements.


Holy Communion in the Hospital


The Catholic hospitals have Catholic chaplains who visit the sick pray and bring Holy Communion. 

Parishioners who are admitted to hospitals can receive visits from Parish Priest and members of the pastoral care team. It is important that you or a member of your family contact the parish office if you are hospitalized as the hospitals do not inform us.  

Please call at 01968 673 709 to make arrangements.


Holy Communion in the Nursing Home


Parishioners from the Sacred Heart and St Margaret's pastoral care team will be happy to bring Holy Communion to you or a member of your family who resides in one of nursing homes.



Please call the parish office at 01968 673 709 or use form below to make arrangements.

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