Friends of Sacred Heart and St Margaret's welcomes you

The Friends of Sacred Heart was established in December 2005. It is part of what the parish does to engage with the wider community. On its behalf a group of parishioners meets regularly to organise fundraising and the allocation of funding to overseas projects.

Friends of Sacred Heart targets projects that are not supported by major charities. They are usually suggested by members of the parish because of a personal link, recommendation or knowledge of what they do.


Friends of Sacred Heart uses a formal application form to consider potential projects. Projects provide written reports and photos to show how the funding benefits the people receiving the service or provision. There are no administration costs: 100% of the money goes to the projects.



Yola, school, Nigeria, 2014

Water borehole, 1, Nigeria

Water borehole 2, Yola, May 2008

Tables FoSH purchased in library, Poullart des Places, St Joseph's parish, Nyamirama, Uganda

St Joseph's Leprosy Hospital

Friends of the Sacred Heart Gift Aid Envelopes

DR Congo, tool and crop shed, 2014

Democratic Republic of Congo, vocational skills project, 2015

Burkina Faso, eye testing kit, 2014

St Joseph's Leprosy Hospital


Friends of Sacred Heart and St Margaret’s at Penicuik-on-Parade, Saturday 26 May 2018


Friends of Sacred Heart and St Margaret’s (FoSHSM) continue to donate your funds as quickly as they are received.  See the notice board in the Michael Room for details about the following projects supported in 2018: Chhahari Nepal Mental Health (£1,000), Meerut Seva Samaj student grants (£2,500), Rwenzori Prolife and Childcare Foundation (£1,500) and St Joseph’s HIV and Leprosy Hospital (£1,000).  No matter how much money is raised we can never say ‘our work is done’: as you know, the unmet need is great. And we are hoping that St Margaret’s will be able to identify a new project to support.


You can continue to help by supporting our table at Penicuik-on-Parade.  Please kindly donate items for the table by Friday 25 May: leave them in the box in the Michael Room labelled Friends of Sacred Heart and St Margaret, or speak with a member of the Group.  We need the following items:

  • Home baking

  • Plants

  • Homemade jam and preserves (free empty jars available!)

  • Donations/prizes for a tombola

Every member of both parishes is part of the team.  Thank you.

Visitor Counters
Mery's Meals' volunteers will be visiting our parishes on the weekend of 21st & 22nd of July 2018. If someone has unwanted clothing and wants to donate it to Mary's Meals, he can do it this week. Clothing and textiles will be collected in both churches every day before and after the morning Mass.