New-look hall allows church to reach out



ADVERTISER - Thursday, June 8, 2006



Sacred Heart RC Church will be able to increase its work in the Penicuik community thanks to refurbishment of the church hall. The Michael Room has undergone a £ 6,500 transformation after the congregation received a WREN landfill tax credit grant.


Officially re-opened last week, the hall now features a fully fitted kitchen, which was installed and plumbed thanks to the award.


The parishioners also paid for the hall to be carpeted, decorated and furnished with tables chairs and to complement the works the church grounds has been landscaped and car parking provided.


Priest, Fr John McInnes said: "I am delighted with the potential of this. Our community is about mission - reaching out into the community  - and what better way than having this facility. All the churches are doing that in their own way. In some ways, we weren't lagging behind, but we did not have the opportunities."


Parishioner, Mrs Margaret Drummond, who co-ordinated the project, added that the hall, named after Cannon Michael Jackson, Penicuik longest serving priest, would be a welcome community facility.


As well as being used for the church's owns meetings and the children's liturgy, it is open for use by outside organizations.  A Fair Trade stall is open at weekends and the hall has also hosted charity events.







There is no obligation to attend Sunday Mass at this time. For your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, you should minimize contact with other people, also in the church. Therefore I encourage everyone to STAY AT HOME!!!