The Sacrament of Reconciliation


Sacrament of ReconciliationMany of us regret things we have done or fail to do, words we have said or thoughts we have harbored, things we are too embarrassed or ashamed to admit. Sometimes these hidden secrets take on much more importance than they deserve, simply because we keep them bottled up and are unable to speak about them.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation gives us the opportunity to express our sorrow for things we have done wrong, to heal broken relationships, to forgive ourselves and others, and to open up the channels of communication between ourselves and God.


Confession is above all a place of healing, not a place of judgment or punishment. When we make our confession to a priest in the confidentiality of the confessional or reconciliation room, we experience healing and liberation, discovering again and again how much we are loved by God, how precious we are to Him, and how great is our dignity as His children. Once he has heard our confession, the priest says the words of absolution for our sins:


God the Father of mercies, through the death and resurrection of His 
Son has reconciled the world to Himself and sent the Holy Spirit among 
us for the forgiveness of sins; through the ministry of the Church may 
God give you pardon and peace, and I absolve you from your sins, in 
the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


What the penitent makes known to the priest remains "sealed" because the confidentiality of confession is absolute. Nothing said by the penitent in confession will ever be repeated. This is an experience of mercy and reconciliation, where we can lay down the burdens of guilt and shame that we carry with us. No matter what we think of ourselves or of God, we can still be certain that God forgives us, loves us and wants only to heal us.


First Confession for children and reconciliation Classes


For other inquiries, please call the Parish Assistant, Margaret Drummond, at 01968 674 046.


Confession Schedule


  • Saturdays - 11:00am to 12:00pm - during Holy Hour Devotion. 
  • Saturdays - 5:30pm to 6:00pm - at the Sacred Church before Vigil Mass
  • Or by appointment – call the parish office at 01968 673 709
  • Additionally, communal celebrations of Penance are celebrated during Advent and Lent.


Communal Penance Services


Every Advent and Lent a communal penance service is celebrated with opportunity for individual confession.


Confession at Home, Hospital, or Nursing Home


The Parish Priest will be happy to visit you to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance if you are unable to come to the church due to illness or weakness. 



Please call the parish office at 01968 673 709 or use form below to make arrangements.

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